Often what holds us back from inviting friends over to share a meal is that we put to much pressure on what having a dinner should look like. I’ve noticed that people actually feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable when you ‘ dress down’ the occasion a bit.

There are ways to take down the expectations a notch without loosing any of the atmosphere or special occasion that Christmas is really about.

Here is my guide to a simple festive table setting that takes no time at all but yet looks beautiful and enhances the experience.

  • A nice tablecloth is key and is a simple way of making it feel like a special occasion. Choose something that you can reuse time and time again.
  • Use your everyday dinnerware and cutlery so the setting feels more relaxed.
  • Folding napkins is a considerate but yet easy way to show that you’ve made some effort but without it feeling too pretentious. My favourite way to do this is to do the ‘Pocket fold’ which is super easy.

How to fold the pocket napkin

1. Place the napkin front facing the table
2. Fold it halfway up and halfway down
3. Then turn the napkin around
4. Fold half way from the right and then repeat
5. Then turn the napkin around again
6. Tie a ‘natural’ string’ with some herbs for decoration
7. Place the cutlery inside the pocked you’ve just folded

Products I’ve used in this setting
o Off white stone ware plates from West Elm (not on sale anymore)
o White cotton napkins
o Natural twine
o Vintage cutlery
Duralex water glasses
o Wine glasses
Tablecloth from H&M home
o Wreaths I made myself
o Vintage candleholders
IKEA candles 
o Herbs for decoration

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