It’s Friday – tjho-hooo! I was hoping too slope off early, after all, it’s POETS day – but then I remembered I’ve got to write an entire article for a magazine by 4pm – eeeeeeek! How did I forget about that?!  More details to follow (if I get round to finishing the piece, that is!). No matter how busy (or disorganised) you know I’d never leave you without a beautiful home tour to enjoy over the weekend though. So I’m nipping in to share this beauty with you. The 89 metre square (957 feet square) apartment is located in the heart of Linnéstaden, Gothenburg and it’s waiting for one very lucky person to move in! Think period features, white washed walls, she fabulous furniture and one very intriguing hanging plant!

Menu Carrie lamp*, Source beautiful custom made rustic tables and benches like this here*
Grey linen bedding*, I’m having a total mental block on the lovely table lamp – help! 

What do you think, could you imagine living here?!

I’m fascinated by the plant arrangement over the bed, I think I might have to explore this more over the weekend – how does it work do you think?! Is it actually a living plant, or cuttings? If real, how would you water it? Questions, questions! It does look pretty fab!

I must say, it feels great to end the week with a Swedish home – especially after I was lamenting only yesterday about heading off somewhere warmer (admittedly I am still dreaming about the waterside cabin in Australia!). Sweden, this is proof that I do love you really – rain or shine!

I hope you found this week on My Scandinavian Home as inspiring as I did.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Photography: Anders Bergstedt, styling Nouvel Interiör for Entrance