I try to stay positive, really I do – but the weather in Malmö right now is so dreadful. It’s been somewhere between rain and snow for the best part of a fortnight! BAH! So today, I’m dreaming of warmer climes and charming waterside getaways like The Little Black Shed. Located in Great Mackerel Beach, an hour from Sydney, owners Jamie and Ingrid Kwong first discovered the fisherman’s shack over 20 years ago during their many boating trips on Pittwater. In 2013 they noticed it had been put up for sale. Despite the poor condition, they were hooked (and who can blame them?!). With the help of an environmentally conscious builder, the pair spent 18 months recycling, repurposing, reusing and rebuilding the shack- transporting materials by boat and carrying them up to the site by hand. Today the shack has been fully restored into a cosy and charming waterside cabin. And the best news? It’s available for short term stays / holiday lets! I’ve got my eye on that spot by the window – how about you?

Race you there?!

Find out more about staying at The Little Black Shack here.

Other dreamy off-the-beaten-track waterside stays in Australia I’ve got my eye on include Captain’s Rest and this cabin on Satellite Island (both in Tasmania). When I finally make my way down under, I feel like I’m in for a treat!

Can you imagine staying in these places too?!


Photography: Luisa Brimble / @luisabrimble